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Getting your electronics project off the ground with comprehensive prototyping

With a team of dedicated and passionate electronics professionals, Contract Production is well-placed to be able to offer you comprehensive prototyping services, regardless of the scope of your project or which sector you’re working in. We can manufacture one-off PCB prototypes or pre-production batches, so you can make sure your setup is fully functional before commissioning a full production run.

We can work with free issue kits or offer a full procurement service based on your manufacturing data. Upon completion of the PCB prototype build, we can provide you with up-to-date production costs to assist with decision making and project planning moving forward. By producing a smaller run of pre-production PCBs or even a one-off unit, you can test the setup and resolve any potential issues with the board before they have the chance to affect the whole production batch.

With our expertise and industry-leading equipment, we’ll continue to work with you throughout the development process until the final board is free from issues, saving you a significant amount of time and money.

A close up of a prototype printed circuit board

What is PCB prototyping?

It's essential to make sure everything about your PCB assembly is functioning correctly before committing significant resource to a full production run. Having a board that doesn't work as it should because it hasn't been thoroughly tested could cause significant issues further down the production process, costing you time and money. Collaborating with an expert partner to ensure your PCB functions correctly is an incredibly easy way to guarantee the success of your project.

By producing a smaller run of pre-production PCBs or even a one-off unit, you can test it and resolve any potential issues with the board before they have the chance to affect your whole product line. We can continue to produce prototype boards until the end-product is free from bugs and glitches.

A close up of a prototype printed circuit board viewed through a magnification lense

Why choose Contract Production for PCB prototyping?

We're not the sort of business that always shouts about how brilliant we are; instead, we let the facts do the talking for us. A number of our biggest and longest-standing customers first came to us to help them with their prototyping. Because of our expertise and assistance during this process, they chose to stick with us through the entirety of their production journey and still choose us to manufacture their PCBs in full production runs.

We firmly believe that our attention to detail and commitment to quality and precision will stand you and your product in the best stead moving forward, providing your project with the solid basis it needs to succeed.

Quality assured in every job

Contract Production is committed to providing high-quality electronic assemblies and products. Stringent internal quality assurance procedures ensure that all finished products and PCBs are manufactured and produced to consistently high standards.

We are an ISO 9001:2015-accredited company and in addition to this certification, all our electronic assemblies are manufactured, inspected and released to the latest revision IPC-A-610 standard. Our in-house IPC Certified trainer ensures that ongoing compliance to the latest standard is maintained, providing the highest levels of confidence in our manufacturing procedures and processes at all times.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our one-off PCB manufacture process and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

An image showing two people sat at a table, discussing a PCB prototyping project

Our PCB prototyping solution at a glance

  • Procurement of bespoke components
  • Final product assembly
  • Setup, programming and configuration
  • Wiring and cable harness assembly
  • Test and configuration of complete products
  • Potting, encapsulation and heat shrinking
  • Bespoke test rigs where required
  • Processor and GAL programming
  • Packaging and shipping procurement for OEM customers

Prototyping, PCB assembly, box build and turnkey manufacturing solutions...

Prototyping, PCB assembly, box build and turnkey manufacturing solutions...

What our clients say

    "The performance, attention to detail, communication, quality of work, and understanding of our specific needs exceeded expectations. CPL are a pleasure to work with; genuine partners."

    - Gareth Connor (UK R&D and manufacture) and Danny White (USA Corporate President), Sound Techniques, Ltd. Calif. USA.

    "Contract Production manufacture to very exacting standards many of the more complex circuit board assemblies within our intrinsically safe products. In our experience we have enjoyed consistency in supply with competitive pricing and an excellent pre and post sales service."

    - Rod Huddart, Procurement and Pre-Production Engineering Manager - HMi Elements

    "We are extremely happy with the fantastic service and support given by Contract Production. Our product is mandated by the International Maritime Organisation which places additional controls over us and our supply chain. Contract Production understands the compliance requirements and ensures our product is of the highest quality possible."

    - Matthew Wright, Chief Technical Officer - Globalview Systems Ltd

    "We at Inductelec have been using Contract Production since the company launched as our primary PCB production company. We have found the company to be honest and dependable to deal with in every way and the resulting PCBs have been very accurately constructed and have had very few soldering or PCB errors. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

    - Dr. Isaac Sewell PhD MEng MIET, Technical Director - Inductelec Limited

    "Multisensor Systems has been a partner of Contract Production for the past two generations of its products and has built up a strong, mutually constructive relationship. Contract Production has consistently proved itself for reliability, flexibility and customer service of the highest order."

    - Brad Weaterton, Managing Director / CEO - Multisensor Systems