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Improve the efficiency of your PCB assembly with a ball grid array

As well as providing standard SMT (surface-mount technology) and through-hole PCB assembly, the experienced team at Contract Production is also able to offer ball grid array (BGA) and micro BGA (µBGA) placement and inspection. BGA and µBGA packages are ideal for dense inter-connection requirements where space limitations are a concern. Unlike conventional ICs (integrated circuits), QFNs (quad flat no-leads packages) and QFPs (quad flat packages), the connection pins of a BGA are available across the entire bottom surface of the device and not just around the edges, translating to greater functionality in a more compact, space-saving footprint.

A close up image of a ball grid array (BGA)

What is BGA placement?

Ball Grid Array (BGA) placement differs from standard SMT placement because the device pins are densely packed under the chip body and are not visible once the package is placed on the PCB. This provides additional challenges for the placement process and our AM100 SMT pick and place equipment is capable of picking, imaging and placing high pin count/fine pitch BGAs with exceptional accuracy, speed and repeatability.

Whilst accurate placement is crucial, ensuring all the contact pins are correctly soldered requires strict control of the reflow process and our state-of-the-art 8-zone reflow oven with built-in thermal profiling is capable of reflowing the most demanding, high pin count BGA devices with incredible levels of precision and accuracy.

Why choose Contract Production for BGA placement and inspection?

Investment in the latest SMT pick-and-place equipment ensures accurate and repeatable results for the most demanding components and because each new job has its own bespoke thermal profile associated with it, you can be sure that your BGA assembly is manufactured under optimum soldering conditions each time it is processed. Our extensive SMT placement capabilities are verified by AOI (automated optical inspection) and, subject to PCB design constraints, available with 360° inspection around each BGA device. If required, we can access third-party X-ray facilities to verify the placement accuracy and solder quality of your device in greater levels of detail.

A close up of a quality inspection of a PCB taking place

Quality assured in every job

Contract Production is committed to providing high-quality electronic manufacturing services and products. Stringent internal quality assurance procedures ensure that your electronic assemblies and finished products are manufactured to consistently high standards.

We are an ISO 9001:2015-accredited company and in addition to this certification, all our electronic assemblies are manufactured, inspected and released to the latest revision of the IPC-A-610 standard. Our in-house IPC-certified trainer ensures that ongoing compliance to the latest standard is maintained, providing the highest levels of confidence in our manufacturing procedures and processes at all times.

Prototyping, PCB assembly, box build and turnkey manufacturing solutions...

Prototyping, PCB assembly, box build and turnkey manufacturing solutions...

What our clients say

    "The performance, attention to detail, communication, quality of work, and understanding of our specific needs exceeded expectations. CPL are a pleasure to work with; genuine partners."

    - Gareth Connor (UK R&D and manufacture) and Danny White (USA Corporate President), Sound Techniques, Ltd. Calif. USA.

    "Contract Production manufacture to very exacting standards many of the more complex circuit board assemblies within our intrinsically safe products. In our experience we have enjoyed consistency in supply with competitive pricing and an excellent pre and post sales service."

    - Rod Huddart, Procurement and Pre-Production Engineering Manager - HMi Elements

    "We are extremely happy with the fantastic service and support given by Contract Production. Our product is mandated by the International Maritime Organisation which places additional controls over us and our supply chain. Contract Production understands the compliance requirements and ensures our product is of the highest quality possible."

    - Matthew Wright, Chief Technical Officer - Globalview Systems Ltd

    "We at Inductelec have been using Contract Production since the company launched as our primary PCB production company. We have found the company to be honest and dependable to deal with in every way and the resulting PCBs have been very accurately constructed and have had very few soldering or PCB errors. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

    - Dr. Isaac Sewell PhD MEng MIET, Technical Director - Inductelec Limited

    "Multisensor Systems has been a partner of Contract Production for the past two generations of its products and has built up a strong, mutually constructive relationship. Contract Production has consistently proved itself for reliability, flexibility and customer service of the highest order."

    - Brad Weaterton, Managing Director / CEO - Multisensor Systems