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Ensuring the quality of your electronics project with expert engineering and testing

Having the confidence that your finished product functions as intended once the manufacturing process is complete is an essential requirement for any electronics project. Whilst there are many quality and inspection checks applied throughout the production cycle, the most effective method of verifying the integrity of a finished assembly is with a functional test. This can range from simple input/output checks to more complex functional tests. At Contract Production, we have the expertise and capability to design and manufacture bespoke test rigs for any requirement, ensuring comprehensive test coverage and functional verification of your electronic assembly.

An image showing a person placing a printed circuit board into an automated pick and place machine

What is PCB programming and testing?

Before any product goes into full production, it needs to be tested to ensure that the end user won't encounter any issues. When you make a sizeable investment into an electronics project, to avoid wasting time and money, it's crucial that you identify any build or programming faults early, to make sure that nothing delays the release of your product.

Our experienced team of electronics experts can test the functionality of your PCB to ensure that it uses the right components and that the design of the board is accurate. By identifying these issues, you're able to take the necessary remedial action to fix them, allowing your PCB to move into the next stage of its journey.

A close up image of a printed circuit board automated pick and place machine

Why choose Contract Production for PCB engineering, design, programming and testing?

In addition to designing and manufacturing bespoke test equipment, Contract Production also provide in-house chip/firmware programming capabilities, utilising an extensive range of industry-standard hardware and software platforms. By programming ICs (integrated circuits) or BGAs (ball grid arrays) with the required firmware, a fully functional electronic test can be performed, allowing the key operations and functions of a finished assembly to be tested and verified prior to despatch. Critical test results can be logged and recorded if required against individual serial numbers, providing full product traceability.  

Our PCB programming and testing solution is offered either as a standalone service or will form part of your entire production journey with us. We offer soak testing and climate-controlled testing, as well as our standard QA procedures, so whatever the scale or needs of your project, you can be sure we can meet them.

We’re also able to design innovative electronic solutions, products and circuits for all market sectors, from environmental to industrial, medical and consumer products.

Our PCB engineering, design, programming and testing service at a glance

  • In-house design and manufacture of bespoke test kit
  • Comprehensive device programming capabilities
  • Soak testing
  • Climate-controlled testing
  • Full product traceability

Prototyping, PCB assembly, box build and turnkey manufacturing solutions...

Prototyping, PCB assembly, box build and turnkey manufacturing solutions...

What our clients say

    "The performance, attention to detail, communication, quality of work, and understanding of our specific needs exceeded expectations. CPL are a pleasure to work with; genuine partners."

    - Gareth Connor (UK R&D and manufacture) and Danny White (USA Corporate President), Sound Techniques, Ltd. Calif. USA.

    "Contract Production manufacture to very exacting standards many of the more complex circuit board assemblies within our intrinsically safe products. In our experience we have enjoyed consistency in supply with competitive pricing and an excellent pre and post sales service."

    - Rod Huddart, Procurement and Pre-Production Engineering Manager - HMi Elements

    "We are extremely happy with the fantastic service and support given by Contract Production. Our product is mandated by the International Maritime Organisation which places additional controls over us and our supply chain. Contract Production understands the compliance requirements and ensures our product is of the highest quality possible."

    - Matthew Wright, Chief Technical Officer - Globalview Systems Ltd

    "We at Inductelec have been using Contract Production since the company launched as our primary PCB production company. We have found the company to be honest and dependable to deal with in every way and the resulting PCBs have been very accurately constructed and have had very few soldering or PCB errors. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

    - Dr. Isaac Sewell PhD MEng MIET, Technical Director - Inductelec Limited

    "Multisensor Systems has been a partner of Contract Production for the past two generations of its products and has built up a strong, mutually constructive relationship. Contract Production has consistently proved itself for reliability, flexibility and customer service of the highest order."

    - Brad Weaterton, Managing Director / CEO - Multisensor Systems