God’s Own Country. The land of flat caps and Theakston’s beer. The largest county in the UK. The list of accolades attributed to Yorkshire could go on, but there’s something extra special about the way people in Yorkshire do business. It’s more than just the welcoming northern twang or the offer of a proper Yorkshire brew. There’s something about the dedication, hard work and overall sense of commitment that sets Yorkshire apart when it comes to doing business.

Being in the heart of Yorkshire is something we have fully embraced here at Contract Production, and with an outstanding 40% growth figure recorded in the first five months of our financial year, it’s hard to argue against the effectiveness of being a Yorkshire brand, fully immersed in the Yorkshire way of doing things.

Being part of Yorkshire runs in our blood: it’s what we pride ourselves on more than anything. We’ve been offering our customers a properly open and honest service since we started trading and it’s completely second nature to us. So much so that when our new marketing team came on board, when they pointed out our strengths as a Yorkshire-based business, we were taken completely by surprise. Offering our customers traditional Yorkshire customer service and the peace of mind knowing that their every need will be tended to with the utmost care and attention, is at the heart of what we do, and making the Yorkshire connection had never crossed our minds.

We recently attended the What’s New In Electronics exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC where we made being a Yorkshire business the focal point of our stand. Our exhibitors Emma and Jemma were the Yorkshire ambassadors in the heart of the Midlands, and received so much positive feedback from visitors who’d travelled from all over the UK. We ran a raffle to give visitors the chance to win their very own Yorkshire flat cap and we gave away chocolates that were handcrafted in Scarborough to further demonstrate our Yorkshire roots. Our social media marketing has also taken a Yorkshire twist with the introduction of #FlatCapFridays, where we share images of our wonderful team wearing flat caps. Emma’s dog Bella even got in on the action and made for the perfect model! We’re so proud to be able to offer something many of our competitors can’t: Yorkshire customer service and Yorkshire quality, always with a smile, and always with the promise of a proper Yorkshire brew.

It’s our Yorkshire approach to business that’s helped us to increase our output by a staggering 400%! We believe in becoming the heart of our clients’ production process, saving them time, which is so valuable in this modern era of things being needed before you’ve even finished asking for them. Whatever your needs, no matter how complex, regardless of the scale, we’ll bend over backwards to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We’ll welcome you into the Contract Production family and like a proper Yorkshire host, will make sure that you feel right at home; tending to all your needs and making you feel properly looked after.

We’re so incredibly proud of being a Yorkshire business. So if you want to find out what the fuss is all about, you’ll just have to come and chat to us and see how we do things differently.