AM100 Image

The Shareholders and Management are proud to announce the arrival of a new Panasonic AM100 pick and place machine.  After many months of consideration and planning (and one or two transport delays) this new equipment has finally arrived and is being commissioned for use throughout December and beyond.

We are investing over £250,000 to ensure that we can fully support the designs and technology being used by our customers.  We have chosen to partner with Panasonic to provide the placement machine.  Panasonic are a well known and trusted brand in electronics and this investment will significantly improve the capacity that we can offer, and reduce downtime between jobs.

Having taken over as Managing Director earlier this year, Simon Norris explained “the growth in new customers over the last year has significantly stretched our ageing SMT line, so the investment that we are making in our new production line will offer benefits to all of our customers.”

“As a Contract Electronics Manufacturer it is important that our line offers capability, flexibility and reliability. Our line can be expected to be making different products for different customers every day of the week, so the ability to change quickly between products is a key element in improving service levels to our customers. The Panasonic AM100 placement machine gives us a high-mix SMT solution, that is to say it is a great “all rounder” offering us speed and capability with quick changeover between jobs.  We are all very excited about our new line and can’t wait to get it installed and working for our customers to see it in action.”

If you would like to visit to see the machine operating and to discuss any new or ongoing projects, please contact Emma Wrigglesworth or Simon Norris.

Further pictures of the installed line and capabilities will follow soon.