PCB prototypes specific to your requirements

If you require manufacture of a single PCB prototype to progress your development work, or a pre-production batch for customer testing, Contract Production will work in partnership with you to ensure that the quality, cost and delivery of your prototypes are all acceptable to your needs.

Why choose us for your Prototyping?

We appreciate that development plans often slip, and that’s where we can help. With our skilled workforce and advanced technology we can offer you the option of a fast PCB prototype turnaround to help bring your project back on track.

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We can either work with free issue kits, or offer a full procurement service – based on your manufacturing data. Upon completion of the PCB prototype build, we can offer you up to date production costs to assist with product decisions and project planning going forwards.

Prototype through to production

We have a high customer retention rate. Some of our best customers came to us with a prototype and have stayed with us for full production and subsequent product developments. We believe that our attention to detail at the prototyping stage ensures the best start for your product lifecycle.
Contact us now and one of our experienced team will talk you through your prototyping options, leading to an initial cost, regardless of whether you need a single prototype PCB, pre-production batch or first production run.

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Testing and configuration

Inspection, Testing and Programming services

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PCB’s, full box builds, cables, wiring and more

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Component Procurement

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Design Services

Solutions from concept to manufacture

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  • Procurement of bespoke components
  • Final product assembly
  • Setup, programming and configuration
  • Wiring and cable harness assembly
  • Test and configuration of complete products
  • Potting, encapsulation and heat shrinking
  • Bespoke test rigs where required
  • Processor and GAL programming
  • Packaging and shipping procurement for OEM customers