PCB Assembly

Contract Production specialises in the manufacturing of SMT, PTH and mixed technology boards that demand the highest levels of quality and reliability. We offer a wide range of PCB panel batch sizes from prototypes and one-offs, through to mid-sized contract volumes.

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Why choose us for your PCB Assembly?

Whether you require surface mount technology assembly, plated through-hole assembly or a combination of both, we can offer you a total PCB Assembly solution at a competitive price.

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If you require a prototype fast, we have a quick turnaround, with the ability to produce one-off and batch sizes to your desired timescale.

And to give you peace of mind, each of our PCB assemblers are trained to IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies. So, you can rest assured that your printed circuit boards will be assembled to a high specification.

In addition to PCB assembly, we are also pleased to offer our customers with a range of box build services.

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Inspection, Testing and Programming services

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PCB’s, full box builds, cables, wiring and more

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Design Services

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  • Full anti-static precautions
  • Surface mount placement by automatic pick and place, or manually as appropriate
  • Auto placement of package sizes from 0402 to QFP208, board size up to 457×610
  • BGA and QFN placement and inspection capability
  • Pre and post reflow AOI capabilities
  • Hot air reflow
  • Manual through-hole assembly
  • Hot air manual rework and vacuum handling station for rework and repair
  • Ultrasonic cleaning if required (no-clean flux as standard)
  • Full equipment assembly including cable preparation and light mechanical assembly
  • Bespoke test and programming services
  • Design services