23.10.2019 - iParcelBox | Our Projects | Contract Production Ltd
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23 Oct 2019



Paul invented iParcelBox as the remedy for always missing parcels when you’re out at work. This neat little gadget provides a safe, secure and weatherproof place to leave packages when you’re not at home. You can even monitor your deliveries on the accompanying smartphone app! Paul came to Contract Production through the Made in Britain group. The fact that we are a British manufacturer, along with the scope of our service, our ability to react quickly to changing requirements, and our personal and friendly customer service, helped Paul to decide that we were the electronics partner for him. We guided him through the initial run of prototypes, ironing out problems with the PCB and product design along the way, before starting a full production run.

The fact that iParcelBox is now available to purchase on Amazon and is rated 5-stars by satisfied customers exemplifies the success of our partnership. We were so impressed with innovation and uniqueness of the solution, we bought and installed one for ourselves!

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